Our study on innovative anticancer drugs that target the ER stress pathway is being published in Chemical Science (IF9.5). Congratulation to all for this excellent work! Structural tuning of organoruthenium compounds allows oxidative switch to control ER stress pathways and bypass multidrug resistance Mun Juinn Chow,ab   Cynthia Licona,cd   Giorgia Pastorin,be  Georg Mellitzer,cd   Wee Han […]

Our study on innovative anticancer drugs that target the ER ...

Bravo Anais and Gilles! They finished 2nd and 16th out of 55 applicants in the concours and have been awarded a 3-years contract to continue their PhD in our laboratory. Both were students of the « Physiopathology » master program at Strasbourg University. In October they will continue their project on innovative anticancer compounds for Gilles […]

Congratulations to our Master 2 students for their PhD fellowship

Transcriptional activator TAp63 is upregulated in muscular atrophy and induces the pro-atrophic ubiquitin ligase Trim63 Many conditions, including cancer and AIDS, lead to a person’s muscles wasting away. Often the muscles are not necessarily the prime targets of these diseases. However, in the case of a neurodegenerative disease called amyotrophic […]

Our study on the role of p63 in muscle atrophy ...

We have just been accepted in the European COST action BM1307 focusing on « Proteostasis« . This program favours the interaction between European scientists working on proteostasis, which can be defined as: « Intracellular proteolysis is not only critical for cell homeostasis but also relevant for many pathologies, such as cancer, immune diseases, […]

We are now members of the Europeen COST BM1307 « proteostasis » ...

We are please to welcome back Chow Mun Juinn that is visiting us for a year from Singapore in a collaborative project with Pr. WH Ang …   We are eager to investigate their novel organometallic compounds to characterise their anticancer activity both in vitro and in vivo…  

Welcome back to Shawn…

The WG1 group of the COST action met in Trieste on the 10th of April… Key lectures were presented on the anticancer activity of novel metal based compounds and their mode of action in cancer cells. The principal running ideas indicates that ruthenium as well as osmium based compounds anticancer […]

Cost Action CM1105 in Trieste…

A great, very happy and emotional moment for all of us for the wedding of Paula and Georgia…   We wish them all the happiness in the world for a great life together!!!  

Congratulation for the new weds!!!

Orphée is in the front raw in the  Strasbourg University newspaper for her involvement in sharing her « women in science » experience with high school students.  Congratulation!!! http://www.lactu.unistra.fr/index.php?id=20538#c93522  

Orphée good deeds for sciences in highschools

Our next U1113 Monday seminar will be the 17 February 9h30. Jacky Goetz from G. Orends group will talk about: “Looking at tumor invasion and angiogenesis from a mechanical, dynamical and correlative point of view”. Cell. 2011 July 8; 146(1): 148–163. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2011.05.040. Biomechanical remodeling of the microenvironment by stromal Caveolin-1 favors […]

U1113 monday seminar series

Organometallic anticancer compounds: Markers and targets for innovative therapeutic strategies The combination of the cytotoxic potency of organometallic compounds with carriers or ligands that provide targeting capabilities emerges as a supra-disciplinary field in modern anticancer drug development. This training school aims at providing for early stage researcher (PhD student & […]

COST CM 1105 Training school | May 19-23rd 2014